Worldwide Observances in the next seven days

Austria Father's Day
Belgium Father's Day
USA National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
USA National Sewing Machine Day
USA National Weed your Garden Day
United Nations International Albinism Awareness Day 
USA National Bourbon Day
USA National Flag Day
USA National Pop Goes the Weasel Day
USA National Strawberry Short Cake Day
United Nations World Blood Donor Day
Denmark Day of Valdemar and Reunion day
USA National Smile Power Day
USA Nature Photography Day
United Kingdom National Beer Day 🍺
United Nations World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 
Botswana International Day of the African Child
USA National Fudge Day
United Nations International Day of Family Remittances 
USA National Career Nurse Assistants Day
USA National Apple Strudel Day
USA National Cherry Tart Day
USA National Eat Your Vegetables Day
USA National Stewart’s Root Beer Day
USA National Dump the Pump Day
United Kingdom Clean Air Day
United Nations Desertification Day
USA National Flip Flop Day
USA National Go Fishing Day
USA National Splurge Day
United Kingdom International Picnic Day
United Kingdom International Sushi Day
United Nations Sustainable Gastronomy Day 
China Father's Day
USA National Martini Day
USA Juneteenth
United Nations Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict Day
Ireland Father's Day
Mexico Father's Day
Netherlands Father's Day
USA American Eagle Day
USA National Ice Cream Soda Day
USA National Vanilla Milkshake Day
USA Father's Day
United Kingdom Father's Day
United Nations World Refugee Day