National Flag Day

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National Flag Day in Russia in 2024

About National Flag Day

How long until National Flag Day?
National Flag Day .
Dates of National Flag Day
2025 Russia Friday, August 22ndNational Flag Day
2024 Russia Thursday, August 22ndNational Flag Day
2023 Russia Tuesday, August 22ndNational Flag Day
2022 Russia Monday, August 22ndNational Flag Day
2021 Russia Sunday, August 22ndNational Flag Day
Flag Day in Russia on August 22 commemorates the raising of the present flag after a 1991 coup attempt.

National Flag Day has been celebrated since 1994 to commemorate the victory over the putschists in 1991, but it is not classed as a working holiday.

The current flag of the Russian Federation was adopted on December 11th 1993.

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