Folklore Day

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Folklore Day in Brazil in 2024
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About Folklore Day

How long until Folklore Day?
Folklore Day .
Dates of Folklore Day
2025 Brazil Friday, August 22ndFolklore Day
2024 Brazil Thursday, August 22ndFolklore Day
2023 Brazil Tuesday, August 22ndFolklore Day
2022 Brazil Monday, August 22ndFolklore Day
2021 Brazil Sunday, August 22ndFolklore Day
A melting pot of different cultures has created a unique and rich folklore for the country.

Brazilian Folklore is a rich and colourful set of legends and beliefs passed down culturally from the parents to their children. Most Brazilian Folklore comes from Indian and African culture that got mixed up and added some European aspects to it. On August 22nd, groups get together to perform some Folklore dances and tell stories and celebrate the unique culture of Brazil.

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