Festival of Sleep

Festival of Sleep in USA in 2021
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About Festival of Sleep

How long until Festival of Sleep?
This holiday next takes place in 73 days.
Dates of Festival of Sleep
2022 USA Monday, January 3rdFestival of Sleep
2021 USA Sunday, January 3rdFestival of Sleep
2020 USA Friday, January 3rdFestival of Sleep
2019 USA Thursday, January 3rdFestival of Sleep
A day to highlight the importance of a good night's sleep to our health and well being.

Not getting enough sleep seems harmless enough and let's face it, the holidays were busy, you were stressed from social engagements and family reunions and gift-giving, etc., so you slept less and felt exhausted more. But that lack of sleep can actually do more damage to your overall health than you might realize.

Experts agree that sleep is crucial to good health, and many of the costs of poor sleep go unnoticed. Medical conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease have been linked to insufficient sleep, and sleep deprivation is considered an important risk factor for several illnesses according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

  • Did you know? If all the sleep-deprived people in the USA got an extra hour in bed each night there would be a boost to the economy of around $226.4 billion.

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