National Wine Day🍷

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National Wine Day in USA in 2024
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About National Wine Day

How long until National Wine Day?
National Wine Day .
Dates of National Wine Day
2025 USA Sunday, May 25thNational Wine Day
2024 USA Saturday, May 25thNational Wine Day
2023 USA Thursday, May 25thNational Wine Day
2022 USA Wednesday, May 25thNational Wine Day
2021 USA Tuesday, May 25thNational Wine Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Wine Day

Don't get this day confused Drink Wine Day, which takes place on February 18th. This is a day to revel in and enjoy this great grape drink.

Wine has been produced for thousands of years. While it is difficult to find archaeological evidence of winemaking, residue from pottery shards in China dates some of the earliest evidence to 7000-6000 BC! More firm evidence of wine production is from ancient Georgia, dating back to 6000 BC. The oldest known winery is a cave in Armenia.

  • Did you know? China is the world’s largest consumer of red wine.
  • Did you know? More wine is drunk per head in Vatican City than any other country on Earth.
  • Did you know? In wine-tasting, a ‘cat-pee aroma’ is a compliment.
  • Did you know? Classical music played in restaurants increases the amount people spend on wine.
  • Did you know? Drinking wine before a meal makes you eat 25% more.
  • Did you know? Wine drinkers pour 12% more wine into a glass they’re holding than one that’s sitting on the table.
  • Did you know? Prince Charles runs his car on biofuel made from wine.
  • Did you know? Wine can be ‘aged’ by passing it through an electric field for three minutes.
  • Did you know? It takes 700 grapes to make one bottle of wine.

May 25th is the feast day of Saint Urban (patron of migraine sufferers). His day is used to predict the success of the wine vintage. If it's fine, the wine will be too. In earlier times, his statue was sprinkled on this day with wine if the weather was good, but water if it was not.)

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