Drink Wine Day🍷

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Drink Wine Day in United Kingdom in 2023
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About Drink Wine Day

How long until Drink Wine Day?
Drink Wine Day .
Dates of Drink Wine Day
2023 United Kingdom Saturday, February 18thDrink Wine Day
2022 United Kingdom Friday, February 18thDrink Wine Day
2021 United Kingdom Thursday, February 18thDrink Wine Day
2020 United Kingdom Tuesday, February 18thDrink Wine Day
2019 United Kingdom Monday, February 18thDrink Wine Day
Whatever it is, you can definitely wine about it today. It’s National Drink Wine Day.

The purpose of National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits of wine.  Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships.

The individual who established National Drink Wine Day (NDWD) is Todd McCalla, who also invented National Margarita Day (Feb 22).

"I just really enjoy a glass of wine," McCalla said when asked about his motivation for starting the holiday in 2007. 

Is wine healthy?

Wine may protect our hearts when it is consumed in moderation. That means up to one drink per day for women, and up to two drinks per day for men, according to US dietary guidelines. And no, a glass of wine is not filling it up to the rim. One drink is five ounces. One researcher said there is a 30% reduction in the risk of heart attack compared to nondrinkers.

Can red wine decrease your blood pressure?

It worked for mice, but that doesn’t mean it will work on humans. In a recent study, mice were fed large quantities of a compound found in red wine and experienced a drop in blood pressure. But researchers warn this isn’t humans’ cue to drink bottomless amounts of red wine.

Grape or Grain?

Is there any truth to the saying "Beer before wine, always fine"? Not really, according to hungover study participants. You can try all of the myths about how to avoid hangovers while drinking, but European researchers say there isn’t a difference in the feeling of a hangover after drinking wine first followed by a beer or vice versa. You will still be hungover if you drink too much.

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