Global Champagne Day

Global Champagne Day in United Kingdom in 2021
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Global Champagne Day .
Dates of Global Champagne Day
2023 United Kingdom Friday, October 20thGlobal Champagne Day
2022 United Kingdom Friday, October 21stGlobal Champagne Day
2021 United Kingdom Friday, October 22ndGlobal Champagne Day
2020 United Kingdom Friday, October 23rdGlobal Champagne Day
2019 United Kingdom Friday, October 18thGlobal Champagne Day
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Global Champagne Day in other countries
Global Champagne Day internationally

Even though Champagne is French, the idea for a Global Champagne Day began in the USA in 2009. It was initiated by an American blogger, Chris Oggenfuss who wanted to honour the wine of kings.

Champagne is a sparkling wine, It originates from France and in the EU, it is illegal to call any sparkling wine, Champagne if it doesn't come from the Champagne region of France.

"Champagne to our real friends, and real pain to our sham friends."


The pressure in the bottle led it to be called the “Devil’s Wine”. Early champagne manufacturers came down to their cellars to find some corks had blown out of their bottles prematurely. They attributed this to spiritual beings. This caused many champagne-makers to wear iron helmets to prevent injury.

Christening ships with champagne started in Babylonia, where they would pour liquid over the hull to check for holes, before launching a new ship. This gradually turned into a ceremony using many different kinds of liquids and beverages. Champagne became the favorite in the late 1900s. Some go to great lengths to make sure the bottle does in fact break every time.

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