Pakistan Martyrs' Day

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Pakistan Martyrs' Day in Pakistan in 2025
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About Pakistan Martyrs' Day

How long until Pakistan Martyrs' Day?
Pakistan Martyrs' Day .
Dates of Pakistan Martyrs' Day
2025 Pakistan Sunday, May 25thPakistan Martyrs' Day
2024 Pakistan Saturday, May 25thPakistan Martyrs' Day
2023 Pakistan Thursday, May 25thPakistan Martyrs' Day
On this day, the sacrifices of martyrs for Pakistan are remembered.

Known as ‘Pakistan Martyrs’ Honor Day,’ May 25th has been designated to honor and remember the sacrifices made by the martyrs for the nation.

May 25th is celebrated as Martyr’s Honor Day in light of the attacks on military installations on May 9th and 10th 2023. 

It is an occasion for the nation to reflect upon the selfless acts of the brave individuals who laid down their lives for the betterment and security of Pakistan.

The government’s announcement aims to honor martyrs from the Pakistan Army, Rangers, Police, and other security organizations who defended the nation’s peace, and security, and fought terrorism. The nation will commemorate this significant occasion with gratitude, paying tribute to the brave souls who made eternal sacrifices, to their unwavering dedication and ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s security and well-being.

On this occasion, monuments dedicated to the martyrs of the armed forces, police, and other law enforcement agencies will be adorned with floral wreaths. The main ceremony will take place at the General Headquarters (GHQ), with additional events being held at the headquarters of the Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy.

The police department has also organized ceremonies in Islamabad, the provincial capitals, and Azad Kashmir to honor their fallen heroes. These ceremonies serve as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by the brave men and women in uniform and pay tribute.

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