National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week in United Kingdom in 2021
Image by Dan Gold , via Unsplash

About National BBQ Week

How long until National BBQ Week?
National BBQ Week .
Dates of National BBQ Week
2022 United Kingdom Monday, May 23rdNational BBQ Week
2021 United Kingdom Monday, May 24thNational BBQ Week
2020 United Kingdom Monday, May 25thNational BBQ Week
2019 United Kingdom Monday, May 27thNational BBQ Week
Fire up the barbie - It's the 25th National BBQ Week!

One of the UK’s Top 5 Awareness Weeks, National BBQ Week in the UK first began in 1997.

National BBQ Week has not only helped change all of our attitudes towards BBQ and summer eating, it’s also helped grow the BBQ market from just 9 million BBQ occasions back then to around 135 million in 2019!

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