You’re Welcomegiving Day

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You’re Welcomegiving Day around the world in 2021
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About You’re Welcomegiving Day

How long until You’re Welcomegiving Day?
You’re Welcomegiving Day .
Dates of You’re Welcomegiving Day
2023 USANov 24
USA Fri, Nov 24Observances Holiday
2022 USANov 25
USA Fri, Nov 25Observances Holiday
2021 USANov 26
USA Fri, Nov 26Observances Holiday
2020 USANov 27
USA Fri, Nov 27Observances Holiday
2019 USANov 29
USA Fri, Nov 29Observances Holiday
On the day after Thanksgiving, make time to let those who gave thanks know that they were appreciated.

Ann Arbor resident Richard Ankli created You're Welcomegiving Day in 1977.

“It seemed that it's kind of a holiday, but it never had any name to it,” said, Mr. Ankli, a retired nurse at the University of Michigan's University Hospital.

So, on this day, we’re supposed to remember to say “You’re welcome” after someone thanks you. But how do you actually celebrate this?

Are you supposed to just walk up to someone and go: “Remember that favor I did for you? You’re welcome, by the way.” 

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