Women Chiropractors Day

Women Chiropractors Day in USA in 2024

About Women Chiropractors Day

How long until Women Chiropractors Day?
Women Chiropractors Day .
Dates of Women Chiropractors Day
2025 USA Thursday, June 5thWomen Chiropractors Day
2024 USA Wednesday, June 5thWomen Chiropractors Day
2023 USA Monday, June 5thWomen Chiropractors Day
2022 USA Sunday, June 5thWomen Chiropractors Day
2021 USA Saturday, June 5thWomen Chiropractors Day
June 5th marks National Women Chiropractors Appreciation Day.

Women Chiropractors is a Non Profit Organization launched from a collective dream of eight female chiropractors with a goal to support women chiropractors around the world to achieve their purpose and goals in life defined by their definition of success. The organization believes everybody has a story and a unique purpose. Their mission is to educate and empower all women chiropractors in technique, business, philosophy and life skills as well as to help women find their purpose and create a sisterhood that supports them during school/graduation and throughout their careers.

The day, June 5, was chosen to honor Mabel Palmer’s birthday, who was wife to B.J. Palmer, father of chiropractic, and one of the first female chiropractors in the world.

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