Botswana Teachers Day

Botswana Teachers Day in Botswana in 2021

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How long until Botswana Teachers Day?
Botswana Teachers Day .
Dates of Botswana Teachers Day
2022 Botswana Friday, June 3rdBotswana Teachers Day
2021 Botswana Friday, June 4thBotswana Teachers Day
2020 Botswana Friday, June 5thBotswana Teachers Day
2019 Botswana Friday, June 7thBotswana Teachers Day
A day to celebrate the teaching profession and to acknowledge their efforts to help generations of learners realise their talents and dreams.

Teachers' Day was first introduced in 1996. It was first celebrated on the first Thursday of June every year. The teachers through their unions again complained about it being celebrated on a Thursday. The argument being that the following day the teachers are supposed to be at work despite being tired from the preparations and celebrations of the day. It was then changed to the first Saturday of June.

The introduction of the public service act no.30 of 2010 brought in another argument that a Saturday is a rest day for the teachers as it is for any other Public officer who is governed by the act. The teacher trade Unions argued that if the day is not changed from Saturday, then a Monday following the national teachers’ day be declared a public holiday for the teachers. The day then ultimately metamorphosed to the first Friday of June.

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