National Escargot Day

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National Escargot Day in USA in 2025
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About National Escargot Day

How long until National Escargot Day?
National Escargot Day .
Dates of National Escargot Day
2025 USA Saturday, May 24thNational Escargot Day
2024 USA Friday, May 24thNational Escargot Day
2023 USA Wednesday, May 24thNational Escargot Day
2022 USA Tuesday, May 24thNational Escargot Day
2021 USA Monday, May 24thNational Escargot Day
Escargot is a French word for an edible snail, usually prepared as an appetizer or entree.

Snails have been eaten as food since at least ancient Roman times. Apicius, the author of the oldest surviving cookbook (1st century B.C – 2 century A.D.) has a recipe for snails in his cookbook.

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