European Parks Day

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European Parks Day in European Union in 2024
Image: Connemara National Park, Ireland by Jonas Fehre , from Pixabay. CC0

About European Parks Day

How long until European Parks Day?
European Parks Day .
Dates of European Parks Day
2025 European Union Saturday, May 24thEuropean Parks Day
2024 European Union Friday, May 24thEuropean Parks Day
2023 European Union Wednesday, May 24thEuropean Parks Day
2022 European Union Tuesday, May 24thEuropean Parks Day
2021 European Union Monday, May 24thEuropean Parks Day
Some countries allow free entry to national parks to mark this day.

The European Park Day was declared by the Federation of National Parks of Europe (EUROPARC) to draw public attention to the importance of green areas.

This date was chosen to commemorate the proclamation of the first European national parks, or nine national parks in Sweden, on May 24th 1909. JPNPCG is a member of the EUROPARC Federation.

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