National Doorbell Day

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National Doorbell Day in USA in 2024
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About National Doorbell Day

How long until National Doorbell Day?
National Doorbell Day .
Dates of National Doorbell Day
2025 USA Friday, October 31stNational Doorbell Day
2024 USA Thursday, October 31stNational Doorbell Day
2023 USA Tuesday, October 31stNational Doorbell Day
2022 USA Monday, October 31stNational Doorbell Day
2021 USA Sunday, October 31stNational Doorbell Day
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Each Halloween more than 41 million American children dress up and trick-or-treat, meaning more people ring doorbells on Oct. 31 than any other day of the year.

The first annual National Doorbell Day took place in 2017 and was founded by NuTone™ as a marketing gimmick.

Despite this, it feels a bit mean to knock any commercialization on Halloween, so why not celebrate by taking part in neighborhood trick-or-treat festivities and connecting with families down the street? The simple act of ringing a doorbell brings neighbours closer. That's especially true if the doorbell offers homeowners the chance to talk to, see and connect with guests at the front door.

Doorbell chimes as we know them today were invented by an American electrical engineer named Warren Manning in 1831. Prior to this invention, doorbells were simple bells that were rung manually by pulling a cord.

Manning's doorbell chime was powered by electricity and featured two bells that were struck by hammers, creating a chiming sound. This new invention was an instant success and quickly replaced the older, manual doorbells.

Since then, doorbell chimes have evolved and improved, and now come in a wide variety of styles and designs, including musical chimes that play a variety of tunes. Today, doorbell chimes are an essential part of modern homes and are used to signal the arrival of visitors.

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