National Hammock Day

National Hammock Day in USA in 2022
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How long until National Hammock Day?
National Hammock Day .
Dates of National Hammock Day
2023 USA Saturday, July 22ndNational Hammock Day
2022 USA Friday, July 22ndNational Hammock Day
2021 USA Thursday, July 22ndNational Hammock Day
2020 USA Wednesday, July 22ndNational Hammock Day
2019 USA Monday, July 22ndNational Hammock Day
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The word hammock comes from the Caribbean, via Spanish, from a Taíno culture Arawakan word meaning "stretch of cloth".

Christopher Columbus, in the narrative of his first voyage, says: “A great many Indians in canoes came to the ship today for the purpose of bartering their cotton, and hamacas, or nets, in which they sleep.”

He observed the widespread use of hammocks during his travels among the Taino people in the Bahamas

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