National Breadstick Day

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National Breadstick Day in USA in 2024
Image by Stefano Ferrario , from Pixabay. CC0

About National Breadstick Day

How long until National Breadstick Day?
National Breadstick Day .
Dates of National Breadstick Day
2025 USA Friday, October 31stNational Breadstick Day
2024 USA Friday, October 25thNational Breadstick Day
2023 USA Friday, October 27thNational Breadstick Day
2022 USA Friday, October 28thNational Breadstick Day
2021 USA Friday, October 29thNational Breadstick Day
A breadstick is a thin, rod-shaped, crispy or chewy type of bread that is commonly served as an appetizer or side dish in Italian cuisine.

Breadsticks are typically made from a simple dough of flour, water, yeast, salt, and olive oil, and can be flavored with herbs such as rosemary or garlic. They are usually shaped into long, thin strips, similar to a pencil, and are baked until they are golden brown and crispy. Breadsticks can be enjoyed plain or served with dips such as marinara sauce or olive oil and vinegar. They are a popular accompaniment to pasta dishes, soups, salads, and other Italian dishes.

Breadsticks have been a part of Italian cuisine for centuries, and their origins can be traced back to the city of Turin in northern Italy.

The first recorded mention of breadsticks dates back to the 17th century, when a local baker named Antonio Brunero created a type of bread called "grissini" that was long, thin, and crispy. The breadsticks became popular in Turin and soon spread throughout Italy, where they became a staple in Italian cuisine. Today, breadsticks are enjoyed all over the world and come in many different varieties, but they still remain a beloved Italian food.

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