Fire Pup Day

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Fire Pup Day in USA in 2021
Image from National Fire Safety Council, Inc.. CC0

About Fire Pup Day

How long until Fire Pup Day?
Fire Pup Day .
Dates of Fire Pup Day
2023 USA Sunday, October 1stFire Pup Day
2022 USA Saturday, October 1stFire Pup Day
2021 USA Friday, October 1stFire Pup Day
2020 USA Thursday, October 1stFire Pup Day
2019 USA Tuesday, October 1stFire Pup Day
Firepup is a friendly Dalmatian cartoon character, who makes learning about fire and burn prevention and life safety issues, fun, entertaining, and non-threatening.

Firepup® has joined the ranks of many firefighting agencies throughout the nation. Fire prevention officers have used Firepup® in fire safety presentations to children in thousands of schools.

Firepup® appears in NFSC, Inc. fire and burn prevention education programs and materials used by fire prevention officers and teachers. This adds continuity to the programs and identity to the organization.

Firepup®’s image is also portrayed in a life-size costumed character. The character is treated as an auxiliary fire prevention officer by many fire departments.

Firepup® has become familiar to hundreds of thousands of children from all over the country who view Firepup® as a role model and trusted friend.

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