Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano

Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano in Ecuador in 2021

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How long until Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano?
Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano .
Dates of Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano
2022 Ecuador Saturday, October 1stDía del Pasillo Ecuatoriano
2021 Ecuador Friday, October 1stDía del Pasillo Ecuatoriano
2020 Ecuador Thursday, October 1stDía del Pasillo Ecuatoriano
2019 Ecuador Tuesday, October 1stDía del Pasillo Ecuatoriano
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Julio Jaramillo, who was born to a working-class family in the bustling port city of Guayaquil in Ecuador on this day on October 1, 1935. Julio Jaramillo grew up to become an international star who visited Latin America singing boleros, tangos, rancheras, and pasillos– – the sentimental love songs that are frequently viewed as Ecuador’s national melodic genre. Since 1993, October 1st has been celebrated as Día del Pasillo Ecuatoriano, a national holiday regarding the melodic form Julio Jaramillo helped to popularize around the world. The singer’s heritage lives on at the Museo Municipal de la Música Popular Julio Jaramillo, inviting guests to the place where he grew up throughout the entire year.

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