Women Veterans Day

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Women Veterans Day around the world in 2022
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About Women Veterans Day

How long until Women Veterans Day?
Women Veterans Day .
Dates of Women Veterans Day
2023 USAJun 12
USA Mon, Jun 12Observances Holiday
2022 USAJun 12
USA Sun, Jun 12Observances Holiday
2021 USAJun 12
USA Sat, Jun 12Observances Holiday
2020 USAJun 12
USA Fri, Jun 12Observances Holiday
2019 USAJun 12
USA Wed, Jun 12Observances Holiday
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Women Veterans Day was established to commemorate the Women's Armed Services Integration Act of 1948.

While Women Veterans Day has not yet been recognized as a national holiday, Congressional legislation intending to change that was introduced in 2019 and 2020 while garnering bipartisan support. Eleven states to take part with most on that list passing legislation to mark the holiday within the past two years.

The date first was recognized by the New York State Assembly on June 12th, 2008.

Texas Senate Bill 805 passed in 2017, and it officially made June 12th "Women Veterans Day".

Texas has more women veterans than any other state, with more than 170,000 women veterans.

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