World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day around the world in 2022
Image by Markus Spiske , from Unsplash. CC0

About World Naked Gardening Day

How long until World Naked Gardening Day?
World Naked Gardening Day .
Dates of World Naked Gardening Day
2023 InternationalMay 6
International Sat, May 6Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalMay 7
International Sat, May 7Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalMay 1
International Sat, May 1Observances Holiday
2020 InternationalMay 2
International Sat, May 2Observances Holiday
2019 InternationalMay 4
International Sat, May 4Observances Holiday
If you have roses in your garden, all we are saying is be careful out there.

Ever wanted to shed your shame and go tend to your roses or marigolds or whatever? Well, here’s a day for you.

The World Naked Gardening Day was started in 2005 by the nudist organization Body Freedom Collaborative. The purpose of the day is to “help people liberate themselves and help them reconnect with the natural world.”

Since 2014, World Naked Gardening Day has been on the first Saturday in May. All that's involved is getting naked and making the world's gardens--whatever their size, public or private--healthier and more attractive.

As stated on their home page, World National Gardening Day is when "people across the globe are encouraged, on the first Saturday of May, to tend their portion of the world’s garden unclothed as nature intended."

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