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National Flag Day in Poland in 2021

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How long until National Flag Day?
This holiday next takes place in 106 days.
Dates of National Flag Day
2022 Poland Monday, May 2ndNational Flag Day
2021 Poland Sunday, May 2ndNational Flag Day
2020 Poland Saturday, May 2ndNational Flag Day
2019 Poland Thursday, May 2ndNational Flag Day
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Flag Day was established in 2004 as an opportunity for Poles around the world to reflect on the heritage and history of Poland, which was first established as a state in 966 C.E. The heraldry of the Polish colours is a combination of the colours found on the Kingdom of Poland coat of arms – a white eagle on a red shield. As time passed, these two colours gained meaning, with the white symbolizing purity and the red symbolizing bravery.

Although it is not considered a national holiday in Poland, Flag Day is celebrated between International Workers’ Day (May 1) and Polish Constitution Day (May 3), which celebrates the declaration of the Polish Constitution in 1791, and is known by some as the second oldest constitution in the world.

May 2nd also marks a celebration for the Day of Polish Diaspora, which recognizes the achievements and contributions of the approximate 20 million Poles, or people of Polish descent, living abroad.

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