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World Afro Day around the world in 2024
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About World Afro Day

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World Afro Day .
Dates of World Afro Day
2025 InternationalSep 15
International Mon, Sep 15Observances Holiday
2024 InternationalSep 15
International Sun, Sep 15Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalSep 15
International Fri, Sep 15Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalSep 15
International Thu, Sep 15Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalSep 15
International Wed, Sep 15Observances Holiday
A day where people are encouraged to celebrate kinky, coiled or curly afro textured hair and to learn more about it.

In 2017, the first-ever World Afro Day took place on September 15th. Since then, this special day has taken place to help girls and women feel positive about their natural hair.

World Afro Day founder Michelle De Leon was infuriated when the state of Alabama in the United States passed a law allowing companies to deny jobs to people with dreadlocks. The law was passed on September 15th 2016 and one year later on the exact same date, De Leon’s hard work saw the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights endorse the first ever World Afro Day.

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