Transgender Day of Visibility

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Transgender Day of Visibility around the world in 2025
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About Transgender Day of Visibility

How long until Transgender Day of Visibility?
Transgender Day of Visibility .
Dates of Transgender Day of Visibility
2025 InternationalMar 31
International Mon, Mar 31Observances Holiday
2024 InternationalMar 31
International Sun, Mar 31Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalMar 31
International Fri, Mar 31Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalMar 31
International Thu, Mar 31Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalMar 31
International Wed, Mar 31Observances Holiday
This day is meant for trans people around the world to celebrate who they are, and to offer support to those who haven't been able to come out yet.

The International TDOV aims to raise awareness about transgender people and their experiences, as well as to acknowledge their contributions to society.

It’s a day to recognize and honor transgender individuals, including those who are visible in their communities and those who may not yet feel safe or comfortable being open about their gender identity.

TDOV aims to fight transphobia, discrimination, and violence by promoting understanding, acceptance, and support for transgender people.

It provides an opportunity for the community to share their stories, fight for their rights, and foster greater visibility and representation in society.

On International Transgender Day of Visibility, various events, activities, and initiatives are organized around the world to raise awareness about the challenges faced by transgender individuals.

The first International Transgender Day of Visibility was held on March 31st 2009. International TDOV was created in 2010 by trans advocate Rachel Crandall. Crandall, the head of Transgender Michigan, created TDOV in response to the overwhelming majority of media stories about transgender people being focused on violence. She hoped to create a day where people could re-focus on celebrating the lives of transgender people, empowering them to live authentically, while still acknowledging that due to discrimination, not every trans person can or wants to be visible.

Joe Biden officially proclaimed March 31st 2021, as a Transgender Day of Visibility, proclaiming in part, “I call upon all Americans to join in the fight for full equality for all transgender people." The White House published this proclamation; this made Biden the first American president to issue a formal presidential proclamation recognizing the Transgender Day of Visibility.

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