National Simplicity Day

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National Simplicity Day in USA in 2022
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About National Simplicity Day

How long until National Simplicity Day?
National Simplicity Day .
Dates of National Simplicity Day
2023 USA Wednesday, July 12thNational Simplicity Day
2022 USA Tuesday, July 12thNational Simplicity Day
2021 USA Monday, July 12thNational Simplicity Day
2020 USA Sunday, July 12thNational Simplicity Day
2019 USA Friday, July 12thNational Simplicity Day
Why do we celebrate National Simplicity Day? Look, it's complicated...

This day is celebrated on the birthday of Henry David Thoreau.

Thoreau was an American essayist, poet, philosopher and a leading transcendentalist. He was an advocate for living a life of simplicity.

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope."
Winston Churchill

The need to observe Simplicity Day is to become free from the complications of the world. This day focuses on pursuing simplicity.

This day gives us a message to celebrate life through simplicity by switching off your devices, getting rid of complicated things and just let life be about living for a day. You can celebrate the day by having peace of mind. By staying away from gadgets and other complications in life, find a sunny and quiet place to relax.

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