Lawyer's Day

Lawyer's Day in Mexico in 2024
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Lawyer's Day .
Dates of Lawyer's Day
2025 Mexico Saturday, July 12thLawyer's Day
2024 Mexico Friday, July 12thLawyer's Day
2023 Mexico Wednesday, July 12thLawyer's Day
2022 Mexico Tuesday, July 12thLawyer's Day
2021 Mexico Monday, July 12thLawyer's Day
This day highlights the accomplishments of lawyers in protecting the innocent and ensuring justice prevails.

President Adolfo Lopez Mateos established July 12th as the day of the lawyer in Mexico and was celebrated for the first time in the year 1960.

This day is commemorated to recognize the hard work of lawyers, their work as rights advocates and in charged with overseeing justice.

The date represents the commemoration of the first Professor of Law at the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico given by Don Bartolomé Frias and Albornoz, on July 12th 1533.

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