Mailman Day

Mailman Day in Mexico in 2023
Image by Alex Fotos , from Pixabay. CC0

About Mailman Day

How long until Mailman Day?
Mailman Day .
Dates of Mailman Day
2024 Mexico Tuesday, November 12thMailman Day
2023 Mexico Sunday, November 12thMailman Day
2022 Mexico Saturday, November 12thMailman Day
2021 Mexico Friday, November 12thMailman Day
2020 Mexico Thursday, November 12thMailman Day
Local name
Día del cartero

It is a day of recognition for the work done by postmen around the world. This day was established by an important event that marked this date: in 1922 a freight train carrying 50 million pesos in gold and abundant military correspondence had an accident with catastrophic consequences and claimed the lives of approximately one hundred people.

On the train were two postal employees who collected all those letters that had not been destroyed in the accident as well as all the gold they could, and handed it over to the relevant authorities.

Colonel Luís G. Franco saw that this had been a gesture of generosity and wanted to dedicate a day to thank these two people for the feat they accomplished. President Pascual Ortiz Rubio also acknowledged the gesture made by the two postal employees and established the Day of the Mailman and Employee Post this day. in 1931. The first stamp dedicated to celebrating postal workers was issued in 1947.

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