World Pneumonia Day

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World Pneumonia Day around the world in 2023
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About World Pneumonia Day

How long until World Pneumonia Day?
World Pneumonia Day .
Dates of World Pneumonia Day
2024 InternationalNov 12
International Tue, Nov 12Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalNov 12
International Sun, Nov 12Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalNov 12
International Sat, Nov 12Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalNov 12
International Fri, Nov 12Observances Holiday
2020 InternationalNov 12
International Thu, Nov 12Observances Holiday
A day to promote interventions to protect against, prevent and treat pneumonia; and generate action to combat pneumonia.

World Pneumonia Day provides an annual forum for the world to stand together and demand action in the fight against pneumonia.

The first World Pneumonia Day was established by the Stop Pneumonia Initiative in 2009 to raise awareness about the toll of pneumonia – a leading killer of children around the world – and to advocate for global action to protect against, help prevent and effectively treat this deadly illness.

Pneumonia, the world's leading killer of children under the age of five.

Pneumonia is the single biggest infectious killer of adults and children – claiming the lives of 2.5 million, including 672,000 children, in 2019.

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