National Pralines Day

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National Pralines Day in USA in 2025

About National Pralines Day

How long until National Pralines Day?
National Pralines Day .
Dates of National Pralines Day
2025 USA Tuesday, June 24thNational Pralines Day
2024 USA Monday, June 24thNational Pralines Day
2023 USA Saturday, June 24thNational Pralines Day
2022 USA Friday, June 24thNational Pralines Day
2021 USA Thursday, June 24thNational Pralines Day
Life is like a box of chocolates...

A praline is a form of confectionery that contains nuts and sugar.

There are three main types:

Belgian pralines, which consist of a chocolate shell with a soft filling. They are traditionally made of different combinations of hazelnut and almonds. 

French pralines, a firm combination of almonds and caramelized sugar.

American pralines, a softer, creamier combination of syrup and pecans, hazelnuts or almonds with milk or cream, resembling fudge.

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