National Old Maids Day

National Old Maids Day in USA in 2021

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How long until National Old Maids Day?
National Old Maids Day .
Dates of National Old Maids Day
2022 USA Saturday, June 4thNational Old Maids Day
2021 USA Friday, June 4thNational Old Maids Day
2020 USA Thursday, June 4thNational Old Maids Day
2019 USA Tuesday, June 4thNational Old Maids Day
If you are female, over 30, unmarried and live in the 19th century, this is your day.

Observances and National Days are often subject to the passing of time. A few decades ago, maybe there was a telegram day, or crossing the Atlantic in under a week Day, but as society advances, so do holidays.

This is a good example of one. In the middle of the 20th century, Marion Richards saw that Mothers had their special day, but that unmarried, childless women were pretty much ignored. Richard begans the first "Old Maids" Day to recognise their contribution to society. She hoped that the day would take on the same importance as Mother's Day, but it wasn't to be.

This was in part in shifting attitudes to those who decide to live their life without getting married or having children, and are perfectly happy about that without having a special day.

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