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National Magic Day in USA in 2024
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How long until National Magic Day?
National Magic Day .
Dates of National Magic Day
2025 USA Friday, October 31stNational Magic Day
2024 USA Thursday, October 31stNational Magic Day
2023 USA Tuesday, October 31stNational Magic Day
2022 USA Monday, October 31stNational Magic Day
2021 USA Sunday, October 31stNational Magic Day
National Magic Day commemorates the death of one of the famous magicians of all time - Harry Houdini.

October 31st is not only Halloween, but it is also International Magic Day. The date was chosen because it was on this day in 1926 that the most famous magician who ever lived, died. Houdini died in the afternoon on October 31st, 1926 in a hospital in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Harry Houdini was a Hungarian-American magician and escapologist, who lived from 1874 to 1926. He was one of the most famous and celebrated magicians of his time, and his incredible illusions and daring stunts made him a legend in the world of magic.

Houdini began his career as a vaudeville performer, and quickly gained recognition for his escape acts. He would perform seemingly impossible escapes from handcuffs, chains, and locked boxes, thrilling audiences with his death-defying stunts. He even made a successful escape from a straightjacket while hanging upside down from a tall building.

Houdini's popularity continued to grow, and he became known for his willingness to take on any challenge. He was often called upon to test the strength of handcuffs and locks, and to prove that other magicians' escapes were fake. He even claimed to have supernatural powers, and would offer large rewards to anyone who could prove that he was using tricks rather than magic.

Despite his success, Houdini faced many challenges throughout his career. He was often criticized by other magicians who accused him of being a fraud, and he was constantly searching for new and more dangerous stunts to perform. Nevertheless, he continued to captivate audiences with his incredible illusions, and he remains one of the most famous and influential magicians of all time.

In 1926, Harry Houdini died suddenly of peritonitis, a complication resulting from a ruptured appendix. Despite his passing, his legacy as one of the greatest magicians of all time lives on, and his death-defying stunts and illusions continue to inspire generations of magicians and entertainers.

Today, Harry Houdini is remembered as a master of his craft, and his contributions to the world of magic have left a lasting impact. He remains one of the most famous and celebrated magicians of all time, and his incredible illusions and daring stunts continue to inspire and amaze audiences around the world.

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