National Farmer’s Day

National Farmer’s Day in USA in 2022
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How long until National Farmer’s Day?
National Farmer’s Day .
Dates of National Farmer’s Day
2023 USA Thursday, October 12thNational Farmer’s Day
2022 USA Wednesday, October 12thNational Farmer’s Day
2021 USA Tuesday, October 12thNational Farmer’s Day
2020 USA Monday, October 12thNational Farmer’s Day
2019 USA Saturday, October 12thNational Farmer’s Day
A day to celebrate and pay tribute to all farmers throughout American history.
National Farmer’s Day in other countries
National Farmer’s Day internationally

National Farmer’s Day in USA in 2022

This day takes place in October marking the harvest period that is the culmination of the hard labor put in by farmers across America, to ensure we all have plenty of food on our tables.

National Farmers Day is observed on October 12th each year. In the midst of harvest season, National Farmer’s Day is a day of important celebration, to give thanks to farmers past and present. From early on, a farmer’s hard work and dedication has benefited our nation in terms of commodities for our livelihood along with their immense contributions to the national and local economies.

National Farmer’s Day has been in existence since the early 1800’s. It is celebrated across the nation by paying tribute to the contributions that farmers make to our livelihoods and our economies.

For about the last 10,000 years, agriculture and farming have been arguably the most important occupation allowing us to move from being nomadic hunter-gatherers to literally and figuratively putting down roots and establishing civilizations.

It might seem odd that there aren't more days dedicated to farming, but most of our major holidays and festivals can be traced back to farming, such as the rebirth of spring and the harvest period in the fall.

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