Children's Day

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Children's Day in Brazil in 2024
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About Children's Day

How long until Children's Day?
Children's Day .
Dates of Children's Day
2025 Brazil Sunday, October 12thChildren's Day
2024 Brazil Saturday, October 12thChildren's Day
2023 Brazil Thursday, October 12thChildren's Day
2022 Brazil Wednesday, October 12thChildren's Day
2021 Brazil Tuesday, October 12thChildren's Day
Falling on a national holiday, this is a popular day to give presents to children.
Local name
Dia das Criancas

Children’s Day ('Dia das Criancas') is celebrated on October 12th in Brazil. Coinciding with the Lady of Aparecida and the date of the European discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus, Children's day is celebrated by children receiving presents from their parents.

The day has been observed since 1923, marking the date when Rio de Janeiro, hosted South American Congress for Children. One year later, the city established a holiday in remembrance of Children’s Day. 

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