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Mudd Day in USA in 2024

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2025 USA Saturday, December 20thMudd Day
2024 USA Friday, December 20thMudd Day
2023 USA Wednesday, December 20thMudd Day
2022 USA Tuesday, December 20thMudd Day
2021 USA Monday, December 20thMudd Day
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Samuel Alexander Mudd Sr.was an American physician who was imprisoned for conspiring with John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

Mudd Day is observed on the anniversary of  Dr Mudd in 1833. Mudd gave treatment to the disguised John Wilkes Booth in his home after President Lincoln’s assassination. He allegedly knew about Booth's actions but didn't report him for 24 hours, leading to Mudd's arrest and being sentenced to life in prison.

Mudd was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson and released from prison in 1869. Despite repeated attempts by family members and others to have it expunged, his conviction has not been overturned.

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