Bathtub Party Day

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Bathtub Party Day in USA in 2024
Image by Gaelle Marcel , from Unsplash. CC0

About Bathtub Party Day

How long until Bathtub Party Day?
Bathtub Party Day .
Dates of Bathtub Party Day
2025 USA Friday, December 5thBathtub Party Day
2024 USA Thursday, December 5thBathtub Party Day
2023 USA Tuesday, December 5thBathtub Party Day
2022 USA Monday, December 5thBathtub Party Day
2021 USA Sunday, December 5thBathtub Party Day
On some holidays you have to avoid getting in hot water - not this one!

This observance sounds like a day full of potential scandal. But it doesn’t have to be a party of multiple people.

The day is just encouraging people to linger in a bath rather than taking a shower. However, if you want to invite friends, no judgment here.

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