International Ninja Day Photo

International Ninja Day Photo in USA in 2021
Image by Jeff Balbalosa , from Pixabay. CC0

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How long until International Ninja Day Photo?
International Ninja Day Photo .
Dates of International Ninja Day Photo
2023 USA Tuesday, December 5thInternational Ninja Day Photo
2022 USA Monday, December 5thInternational Ninja Day Photo
2021 USA Sunday, December 5thInternational Ninja Day Photo
2020 USA Saturday, December 5thInternational Ninja Day Photo
2019 USA Thursday, December 5thInternational Ninja Day Photo
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Ah, ninjas, the shadows in the night. The image of these masters of espionage and infiltration is firmly embedded in the popular culture of practically every nation on the planet.

Of course, the popular concept of a ninja has very little to do with the actual assassins and spies of Edo-period of Japan. But that doesn’t stop us from celebrating all things ninja on this day.

And hey, you could commemorate the day by finding out about what ninjas were actually like.

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