World Oceans Day 

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World Oceans Day  in United Nations in 2024

About World Oceans Day 

How long until World Oceans Day ?
World Oceans Day  .
Dates of World Oceans Day 
2025 United Nations Sunday, June 8thWorld Oceans Day 
2024 United Nations Saturday, June 8thWorld Oceans Day 
2023 United Nations Thursday, June 8thWorld Oceans Day 
2022 United Nations Wednesday, June 8thWorld Oceans Day 
2021 United Nations Tuesday, June 8thWorld Oceans Day 
On World Oceans Day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor our ocean, which connects us all.

The concept of World Oceans Day was originally proposed in 1992 by Canadas International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC) at the Earth Summit.

This day is celebrated worldwide annually to help protect and conserve the world's oceans. It also provides an opportunity to take personal and consolidated actions to not only conserve the ocean but also its resources. In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution officially to recognize June 8 as "World Oceans Day".

  • Did you know? If all the clouds rained down at once, it would only raise the level of the oceans by 2.5 cm (1 inch).
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