Primož Trubar Day

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Primož Trubar Day in Slovenia in 2023
Image: Primož Trubar, Slovenian protestant reformer and writer - bust in Lendava, Slovenia. by Silverije CC0

About Primož Trubar Day

How long until Primož Trubar Day?
Primož Trubar Day .
Dates of Primož Trubar Day
2024 Slovenia Saturday, June 8thPrimož Trubar Day
2023 Slovenia Thursday, June 8thPrimož Trubar Day
2022 Slovenia Wednesday, June 8thPrimož Trubar Day
2021 Slovenia Tuesday, June 8thPrimož Trubar Day
2020 Slovenia Monday, June 8thPrimož Trubar Day
A day to honour the author of the first book printed in the Slovene language.

This national holiday in the Republic of Slovenia is not a work-free day.

Primož Trubar was an important Slovenian protestant reformer, most famously known for his Abecedarium and Catechismus books that were the first books to be published in Slovenian language.

Trubar was born on June 8th 1508.

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