Sovereignty Day

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Sovereignty Day in Slovenia in 2024

About Sovereignty Day

How long until Sovereignty Day?
Sovereignty Day .
Dates of Sovereignty Day
2025 Slovenia Saturday, October 25thSovereignty Day
2024 Slovenia Friday, October 25thSovereignty Day
2023 Slovenia Wednesday, October 25thSovereignty Day
2022 Slovenia Tuesday, October 25thSovereignty Day
2021 Slovenia Monday, October 25thSovereignty Day
Commemorates the day on which the last soldiers of the Yugoslav People’s Army left the territory of Slovenia.

On October 25th, Slovenia celebrates Sovereignty Day, a national holiday commemorating the day when the last Yugoslav People's Army soldiers left the country's soil in 1991 in one of the key events in the process of Slovenia's independence.

The public holiday, which is not a work-free day, was declared by the National Assembly in 2015 in remembrance of the day in 1991 when the last remaining Yugoslav Army soldiers departed from the port of Koper aboard a ship.

The withdrawal is considered one of the final steps in the independence efforts, coming after Slovenia declared independence on 26 June, whereupon the Ten-Day War broke out when the Yugoslav Army launched attacks from its barracks on 27 June.

The armed conflict was followed by talks which resulted in Slovenia agreeing to a three-month moratorium on independence implementation as part of what is known as the Brijuni Declaration.

As the moratorium was about to expire, Yugoslavia's authorities realised it would be impossible to keep Slovenia in the federation. Preparations thus started for the army's withdrawal from Slovenian territory.

The stated purpose of the holiday is to stress and emphasise the importance of Slovenia's sovereignty and to strengthen the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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