World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day in United Nations in 2021
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About World Hepatitis Day

How long until World Hepatitis Day?
World Hepatitis Day .
Dates of World Hepatitis Day
2023 United Nations Friday, July 28thWorld Hepatitis Day
2022 United Nations Thursday, July 28thWorld Hepatitis Day
2021 United Nations Wednesday, July 28thWorld Hepatitis Day
2020 United Nations Tuesday, July 28thWorld Hepatitis Day
2019 United Nations Sunday, July 28thWorld Hepatitis Day
World Hepatitis Day is observed annually on July 28th to generate an opportunity to step up national and international efforts on hepatitis.

World Hepatitis Day, 28 July, is an opportunity to step up national and international efforts on hepatitis, encourage actions and engagement by individuals, partners and the public and highlight the need for a greater global response as outlined in the WHO's Global hepatitis report of 2017.

Also, this day make people aware about the hepatitis disease and its consequences in the life of the people suffering from it.

The date of 28 July was chosen because it is the birthday of Nobel-prize winning scientist Dr Baruch Blumberg, who discovered hepatitis B virus (HBV) and developed a diagnostic test and vaccine for the virus.

Low coverage of testing and treatment is the most important gap to be addressed in order to achieve the global elimination goals by 2030.

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