The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch in United Kingdom in 2021

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How long until The Big Lunch?
This holiday next takes place in 227 days.
Dates of The Big Lunch
2022 United Kingdom Sunday, June 5thThe Big Lunch
2021 United Kingdom Saturday, June 5thThe Big Lunch
2020 United Kingdom Friday, June 5thThe Big Lunch
2019 United Kingdom Wednesday, June 5thThe Big Lunch
Since 2009 The Big Lunch has been a 'thanksgiving' moment for neighbours and communities.

It started with a very simple idea from the Eden Project. What if, on one day a year, people came together with their communities and shared a meal?

And so, in 2009, The Big Lunch was born. It’s the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours and its grown ten-fold since then, each year getting bigger and better as millions of people take to their streets, gardens and neighbourhoods to join in for a few hours of community, friendship, and fun.

The Big Lunch connects people and encourages friendlier, safer neighbourhoods where people start to share more – from conversations and ideas, to skills and resources, and, for some, it ignites a passion for doing more good things where they live.

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