St Swithins Day

St Swithins Day in United Kingdom in 2021

About St Swithins Day

How long until St Swithins Day?
This holiday next takes place in 260 days.
Dates of St Swithins Day
2022 United Kingdom Friday, July 15thSt Swithins Day
2021 United Kingdom Thursday, July 15thSt Swithins Day
2020 United Kingdom Wednesday, July 15thSt Swithins Day
2019 United Kingdom Monday, July 15thSt Swithins Day
What's more sensible as a weather forecast? The bones of a 1,200 year old saint or a groundhog?

According to tradition, whatever the weather is like on St Swithins Day - whether rainy or sunny - it will continue for the next 40 days and 40 nights.

Little is known about Swithin, the Bishop of Winchester in the 800s. But what is known is that many years after his death, his relics were transferred to the Winchester Cathedral on July 15th 971, a day which featured heavy rains. Since then, the belief has been that if it rains on this day, it will continue to rain for 40 more days.

During his lifetime, he supposedly performed just one miracle. He made an old lady’s eggs whole again after workmen’s smashed them while building a church.

The name ‘Swithin’ is derived from the Old English word for ‘strong’, and the St Swithin is symbolised with raindrops and apples.

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