Popcorn Lovers Day🍿

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Popcorn Lovers Day in United Kingdom in 2024
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About Popcorn Lovers Day

How long until Popcorn Lovers Day?
Popcorn Lovers Day .
Dates of Popcorn Lovers Day
2024 United Kingdom Sunday, March 10thPopcorn Lovers Day
2023 United Kingdom Friday, March 10thPopcorn Lovers Day
2022 United Kingdom Thursday, March 10thPopcorn Lovers Day
2021 United Kingdom Wednesday, March 10thPopcorn Lovers Day
2020 United Kingdom Tuesday, March 10thPopcorn Lovers Day
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Archaeologists have discovered that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years. In Mexico, remnants of popcorn have been found that date back to circa 3600 BC, and fossil evidence from Peru suggests that corn may have been popped as early as 4700 BC.

Popcorn became a popular snack in the late 19th century after the invention of the first large-scale commercial popcorn machine by Charles Cretors.

From the Popcorn Board: All About Popcorn, Corny Facts:

“Popcorn is a type of maize (or corn), a member of the grass family, and is scientifically known as Zea mays everta.

“Popcorn differs from other types of maize/corn in that it has a thicker pericarp/hull. The hull allows pressure from the heated water to build and eventually bursts open. The inside starch becomes gelatinous while being heated; when the hull bursts, the gelatinized starch spills out and cools, giving it its familiar popcorn shape.”

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