National Beer Day🍺

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National Beer Day in United Kingdom in 2023
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About National Beer Day

How long until National Beer Day?
National Beer Day .
Dates of National Beer Day
2024 United Kingdom Saturday, June 15thNational Beer Day
2023 United Kingdom Thursday, June 15thNational Beer Day
2022 United Kingdom Wednesday, June 15thNational Beer Day
2021 United Kingdom Tuesday, June 15thNational Beer Day
2020 United Kingdom Monday, June 15thNational Beer Day
Beer Day falls in the Summer in the UK, but even if it's raining, sink a cold, frosty one to celebrate.

Cheers to the Beer!

Celebrate Britain’s national alcoholic drink and spread beery love throughout the land by joining the National Cheers To Beer at 7pm (19.00h) on June 15th as millions of people across the country raise a glass, say ‘Cheers to Beer’ and post a message on social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

The holiday celebrates the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. Following water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall.

All Hail the Ale!

Beers are generally divided into two families; lager and ale.

They’re both made roughly the same way, but lager is fermented using a bottom-feeding yeast. They take between four and five weeks to ferment, and do so at between 3C to 10C. Top-feeding yeasts are used for ales. This only takes five to ten days and the yeast forms a film at the top, functioning best at 20C to 25C. Other than that, both lager and ale use hops, malts, and water, but because lager has fewer sugars in the end result, it tastes crisper and cleaner compared to the richer ales.

Within lagers and ales there are more subcategories such as bitters, stouts and porters in case of ale and bocks, pilsners and darks in case of lager.

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