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Anna's Day in Sweden in 2021

About Anna's Day

How long until Anna's Day?
Anna's Day .
Dates of Anna's Day
2023 Sweden Saturday, December 9thAnna's Day
2022 Sweden Friday, December 9thAnna's Day
2021 Sweden Thursday, December 9thAnna's Day
2020 Sweden Wednesday, December 9thAnna's Day
2019 Sweden Monday, December 9thAnna's Day
It's Anna's Day, marking the start of making the lutefisk to be consumed on Christmas Eve.
Anna's Day in other countries
Anna's Day internationally

Anna's Day is held on December 9th in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Also known as Lutefisk Day, this day marks the start of the preparation process of the lutefisk, which will be eaten on Christmas Eve. Lutefisk (lutfisk) is a traditional Nordic dish, popular in Sweden, Norway, and parts of Finland.

This is also a Swedish name day, celebrating all people named Anna.

Saint Anna is the mother of Virgin Mary, the protector of marriage, the family, virginity, pregnant women and widows.

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