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Native American Day around the world in 2021

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How long until Native American Day?
This holiday next takes place in 332 days.
Dates of Native American Day
2022 USASep 23, Oct 10
USA Mon, Oct 10Observances Holiday
USA Fri, Sep 23Observances Holiday
2021 USASep 24, Oct 11
USA Mon, Oct 11Observances Holiday
USA Fri, Sep 24Observances Holiday
2020 USASep 25, Oct 12
USA Mon, Oct 12Observances Holiday
USA Fri, Sep 25Observances Holiday
2019 USASep 27, Oct 14
USA Mon, Oct 14Observances Holiday
USA Fri, Sep 27Observances Holiday
Native American Day is a good reminder to reflect on, and learn more about, the important contributions of Native American people.

The fourth Friday in September is Native American Day, where residents of California and Nevada honor the indigenous people of the United States. It is observed as a holiday in these states with some government buildings closing.

In South Dakota, it is celebrated on the second Monday in October with a state holiday. 

California was the first state to honor this day. Governor Culbert Olson started the tradition in 1939, dedicating October 1st as "Indian Day." Then in 1968, then-Governor Ronald Regan signed a resolution calling for the holiday to be held the fourth Friday in September. It wasn't until 1998, however, that the California Assembly passed AB 1953; this made Native American Day an official state holiday. Nevada also declared the fourth Friday of September Native American Day in 1997.

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