National Pupusa Day

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National Pupusa Day in El Salvador in 2024
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About National Pupusa Day

How long until National Pupusa Day?
National Pupusa Day .
Dates of National Pupusa Day
2025 El Salvador Sunday, November 9thNational Pupusa Day
2024 El Salvador Sunday, November 10thNational Pupusa Day
2023 El Salvador Sunday, November 12thNational Pupusa Day
2022 El Salvador Sunday, November 13thNational Pupusa Day
2021 El Salvador Sunday, November 14thNational Pupusa Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Pupusa Day.

National Pupusa Day is a Salvadoran national holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in November. National Day of Pupusas is a festivity observed in El Salvador and cities worldwide with a prominent Salvadoran population.

The National Pupusa Day celebration was enacted by Legislative decree in 2005. Since then, every second Sunday in November, Salvadoran get to celebrate it.

Also, in 2005, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly officially declared pupusas the national dish of El Salvador. This tasty dish, consumed by all Salvadorans, dates back to pre-colonial times.

The pupusa dates back to pre-colonial times and resembles a thick griddled cake or flatbread made with cornmeal (masa harina) or rice flour. That cake is then stuffed with an assortment of things like refried beans, cheese, pork or chicken.

Pupusas are similar to the Venezuelan and Colombian arepa. Pupusas are traditionally served with curtido (a pickled cabbage relish, similar to German Sauerkraut, that comes in mild and spicy varieties) and tomato sauce, and are traditionally eaten by hand.

In 2011, The Guardian named pupusas that year’s Best Street Food in New York.

How to celebrate National Pupusa Day?

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate National Pupusa Day. As long as you eat some Pupusas during this day, you will be ticking all the boxes to mark the day.

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