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World Rat Day around the world in 2023
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About World Rat Day

How long until World Rat Day?
World Rat Day .
Dates of World Rat Day
2024 InternationalApr 4
International Thu, Apr 4Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalApr 4
International Tue, Apr 4Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalApr 4
International Mon, Apr 4Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalApr 4
International Sun, Apr 4Observances Holiday
2020 InternationalApr 4
International Sat, Apr 4Observances Holiday
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World Rat Day is an observance designed to recognize the rat as a wonderful pet and companion animal for people of all ages.

it has been celebrated since 2002. April 4th was chosen as this is the only certain date associated with the beginning of the ratlist, the longest standing mailing list on the internet dedicated to the topic of the pet rat. A discussion on the ratlist was the catalyst (ratalyst?) for the idea of having a special day for these vert special rodents.

Rat Facts!

  • Rats love being tickled – especially on their backs and tummies. If they’re in a good mood, they even giggle.
  • They are altruistic – they’ll save another rat from suffering even if they don’t know the other animal and even if it means having to share food.
  • They are very clean. They spend several hours a day grooming themselves and their companions. That’s more washing than cats do!
  • Rats smell nice. When they’re not forced to live inside dirty cages, their skin has a very pleasant, perfume-like scent.
  • Male rats sing after sex at frequencies beyond the range of human hearing, around 20 to 22 kilohertz.
  • Rats’ tails are highly versatile, helping them balance, communicate, and regulate their body temperature.
  • They adore companionship. They become depressed, anxious, and fearful if they’re alone for long periods.
  • They have good memories. They can recognise other rats and humans they’ve seen before.
  • They make great mothers. Female rats with litters will vigorously defend their nests and young.
  • Rats love having a good time. They enjoy playing hide-and-seek for the fun of it!
  • When they ae stressed, they grind their teeth.
  • They are loyal. They can bond so strongly with humans that if they’re given to someone else, they may pine for their former companion – and, in some cases, may even die.
  • They smile with their ears. Happy rats have pinker ears, and they relax them so that they hang loosely to the side.
  • Rats appear to dream about exploring, but they can experience nightmares, too.
  • In 2018 alone, 177,904 scientific procedures were performed on rats in Great Britain. Many of the animals used were eventually killed.
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