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World Lizard Day around the world in 2023
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World Lizard Day .
Dates of World Lizard Day
2024 InternationalAug 14
International Wed, Aug 14Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalAug 14
International Mon, Aug 14Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalAug 14
International Sun, Aug 14Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalAug 14
International Sat, Aug 14Observances Holiday
2020 InternationalAug 14
International Fri, Aug 14Observances Holiday
Today is World Lizard Day, so let's look at these fascinating reptiles and how to celebrate the day.

If you didn't know, August 14th is World Lizard Day. It's a day to celebrate all lizards, not just the bearded dragon you had when you were a child. Lizards are fascinating creatures and they're found all over the world. From the tiny gecko that can fit on your finger to the giant Komodo dragon.

Lizards are reptiles and belong to the family of the Squamata. That's the same family as snakes, geckos and iguanas, among many others. However, lizards are not exactly the same as snakes and other reptiles, as they have a few unique characteristics that set them apart. For instance, all lizards have dry and scaly skin, which is different from snakes, which have smooth and dry skin.

Lizards are one of the most popular reptile pets in the world. Lizards are one of the most diverse species of pets - they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and types. Types of lizards include geckos, skinks, chameleons, monitors, iguanas and more. Lizards have been around for more than 200 million years and have not changed much in that time. 

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about lizards:

  • There are about 6263 species of lizards in this world. Out of the 6,263 species, only two species are venomous. 
  • Geckos have no eyelids. Instead, they have a special type of scale that keeps their eyes clean and moist. They also have the ability to stick to most surfaces and even run upside down on the ceiling. This is called gecko adhesion. 
  • Geckos are also one of the only lizards that can vocalize. They can make a variety of sounds, including chirps and squeaks. 
  • Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world. They can grow up to 10 feet (3 m) in length and weigh up to 150 pounds (68 kg). Komodo dragons are also the only living species in the Varanus family. They are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat.
  • Lizards are found on all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.
  • A gathering of lizards is a parlor.
  • Herpetophobia is the fear of reptiles.

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