National Women-Owned Business Day

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National Women-Owned Business Day in USA in 2024
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About National Women-Owned Business Day

How long until National Women-Owned Business Day?
National Women-Owned Business Day .
Dates of National Women-Owned Business Day
2025 USA Thursday, October 2ndNational Women-Owned Business Day
2024 USA Thursday, October 3rdNational Women-Owned Business Day
2023 USA Thursday, October 5thNational Women-Owned Business Day
2022 USA Thursday, October 6thNational Women-Owned Business Day
A day to recognize the achievements and progress made by women-owned businesses.

National Women-Owned Business Day, an annual celebration held on the first Thursday of October each year, is a day to recognize the achievements and progress made by women-owned businesses and to raise awareness on the importance of supporting and investing in women-owned companies.

This day was created to inspire women to dream big, believe in themselves, connect with other women entrepreneurs, and encourage communities to support women-owned brands today and every day.

The holiday was founded through the National Archives by Morgan Hamilton and Aris Taylor, owners and cofounders of Sally On!, a full service marketing partner for women-empowering brands based in Cincinnati, Ohio, in creative collaboration with Edelmade, a branding and strategy agency also based in Cincinnati. They know firsthand that starting and running a women-owned business comes with a unique set of challenges including lack of funding, capital, and resources. This day aims to put a spotlight on women-owned businesses for nationwide support.

"In 2020, women-led startups received only 2.3% of VC funding. We can do better," said co-founder Morgan Hamilton. "Our goal for founding Women-Owned Business Day is not only to celebrate women entrepreneurs' achievements but to also build community support by working with organizations and investors to provide resources and funding to invest in women."

"We know that when we invest in women-owned brands, it leads to better outcomes in communities and the economy," added co-founder, Aris Taylor. "Our hope is that this day will inspire women entrepreneurs to continue investing and believing in themselves, and encourage supporters of women-owned businesses to do the same. We are just getting started."

National Women-Owned Business Day honors the courage, dedication, and tenacity of women entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers and forging a path for other women.

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